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railway conference

  • Audio contentRAIL_1015_10_4_1887

    From Stephenson to Suburbia: the Socio-Economic Impacts of the Coming of the Railways to the Chilterns

    Using current PhD research, Rudi Newman’s talk demonstrates that for rural Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, railways had varying degrees of impact, acting mostly as a facilitating factor rather than an overall cause of change. Rudi Newman is a PhD history […]

  • Audio contentRAIL_410_1130_5_1875-1875

    Engineering office staff

    Focusing on some of the drawing and engineering offices, Tim Procter’s talk examines the personal marks that staff have left on the official records and shows evidence of them humanising the impersonal environment that had changed. Tim Procter is the […]

  • Audio contentRAIL_1005_409_1971

    Selling the age of the train: British Rail passenger marketing and travel in Britain in the 1960s–70s

    By exploring a wide range of historical records, this talk aims to tell the story of how the railways changed peoples’ lives, as well as to show how people similarly took part in shaping rail travel in Britain. Travel in late-twentieth […]

  • Audio contentRAIL 92/136 Oswestry works staff 1909

    Living in a railway town

    Di Drummond describes the experience of living in railway towns during the 19th and 20th centuries, particularly focussing on Crewe between 1840-1914. The records of the Grand Junction and London and North Western Railway Companies, part of The National Archives […]

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