prisoner of war

  • Video contentThe Battle of the Somme

    The Battle of the Somme: fallen comrades

    The clip starts with a title and sequence showing British tommies rescuing a fallen comrade who later died. We then see the famous shot of a soldier carrying his fallen comrade. The action then shifts to more shots of wounded […]

  • Video contentThe Battle of the Somme

    The Battle of the Somme: Battle Police

    The film clip starts with Tommies making their way across No Man’s Land and into enemy front line trenches. We then see a title explaining that Battle Police are rounding up prisoners and wounded in No Man’s Land. From here […]

  • Video contentTNA(PRO)WO235-431-WORLD-WAR-II-GREAT-ESCAPE-(File-cards-of-four-escapees-from-Stalag-Luft-III-who-were-killed-March-19440

    The Great Escape

    This videocast is part of the War on Film series, created by The National Archives to mark the 70th anniversary of the Second World War. The series recounts the events that went on to inspire popular war films, using extracts […]

  • Audio contentvoices-of-the-armistice

    Voices of the Armistice: prisoner of war

    Account by Able Seaman C Jones about conditions as a prisoner of war after his capture at Antwerp in 1914. Original document catalogue reference: WO 161/100/576

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