• Video contentHO-45_9518_22208C-_2_1879-1882-crop

    Webinar: Riots and rebellions, murders and militias

    Exploring 19th century Home Office records. The National Archives holds 539series of Home Office records, which collectively touch on almost every aspect of life in Britain. However, many of these records do not have detailed catalogue entries, so the treasures…

  • Audio contentMargaret Thatcher shakes hands with Japanese MP Michio Watanabe during his visit to the UK in November 1983 (catalogue reference: PREM 19/1555)

    Newly released files from 1985 and 1986

    Contemporary records specialists Mark Dunton and Simon Demissie discuss the latest batch of government records to be released to The National Archives.  The years were 1985 and 1986. Introduced by Rebecca Simpson.

  • Audio contentValor Ecclesiasticus illuminated heading, 1535 (catalogue reference E 344/22 f2)

    ‘A World of Their Design’: The men who shaped Tudor diplomacy

    In a time of shifting politics and world changing events, three men would emerge as masterful diplomats, ambassadors and advisors who possessed a shrewd political acumen. They each shared a complex and intriguing relationship with the other, while manipulating the…

  • Audio contentPortrait of Queen Anne, 1702 (catalogue reference T 40/4)

    ‘Things as are all Forms, & Ceremonys’: Ritual and authority in the reign of Queen Anne

    Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, impatient with courtly ritual, gave Queen Anne grudging praise for her knowledge of protocol: ‘She has the greatest memory that ever was, especially for such things as are all forms, & ceremonys, giving people their due…

  • Audio contentprem-19-1274

    New files from 1984

    Contemporary records specialists Mark Dunton and Simon Demissie discuss the latest batch of government records to be released to The National Archives.  The year was 1984 and Margaret Thatcher’s appointment diary, included in this collection for the first time, shows…

  • Audio contentprem19-418 (1)

    New files from 1981

    An overview of newly-released government files from 1981 including discussion of the major stories of the year. From urban riots and IRA hunger strikes to splits in Cabinet over economic policy, 1981 was an extremely challenging year for Mrs Thatcher’s…

  • Audio contentcab158-68coldwarmap1968

    1968: Year of revolutions

    Mark Dunton takes you back in time to a tumultuous year, using key documents to show the British Government’s take on the dramatic events of 1968, and its own particular preoccupations.

  • Audio contenttna-top-secret-&-secret-files

    Secrecy and government records

    Professor Foot is a noted historian and academic. He is the official historian for the Second World War Special Operations Executive (SOE) and has an extensive knowledge of the background to the requirements for secrecy in government records. This is…

  • Audio contentpro30-69-1668-pt4-no318-the-first-labour-cabinet-1924

    20th century Cabinet records: digitising a core collection of modern political records

    Ed Hampshire discusses the Cabinet records digitisation project, explaining how the innermost records of government will soon be made fully available online and what visitors to the site can expect when the project is completed.

  • Audio contentfo624-24-473--iraqi-poitical-cartoon-c1941-1

    The creation of the Iraqi state: 1914-1974

    A lecture by Dr Charles Tripp, Reader in Politics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, to mark the launch of Thomson Learning’s online edition of his selection of files on the history of Iraq. Dr Tripp, author…

  • Audio contente33-1-henry-vii-coat-of-arms

    Star Chamber stories: using records of the early modern equity courts

    The National Archives holds a vast collection of Chancery Court and other equity legal records from the early modern courts of Star Chamber and Requests. In this talk Sean Cunningham introduces the records created by the courts, and offers advice…

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