• Audio contentA podcast about the First World War's impact on the development of prosthetics

    Prosthetics and the First World War

    The first episode of a Q&A series in which we talk to researchers about the records and stories they’ve uncovered at The National Archives. In ‘Prosthetics and the First World War’, our First World War diverse histories researcher Louise Bell…

  • Audio contentIllustrated London News, New School Room, Boy's Home, Regent's Park Road, 1870, cat. ref. ZPER 34-56 (P 349)

    Keeping it in the family: professional dynasties in 19th century England

    The 19th century witnessed a huge expansion in the number of people in Britain described as members of a profession, including lawyers, doctors, religious ministers and teachers, as well as newer service providers such as accountants, bankers and civil engineers.…

  • Audio contentFlorence Nightingale cat. ref. COPY 1/556/166

    No place for ladies: the untold story of women in the Crimean War

    Florence Nightingale was not the only woman in the Crimea – a misnomer in itself as she spent most of the war at the British hospital at Scutari, 300 miles away from the Crimea. Here, Helen Rappaport sheds new light…

  • Audio contentNurse holds test tube, soldier looks through microscope

    The Second World War and Roche’s expansion to the West: a Swiss pharmaceutical company in the United Kingdom

    Roche was founded in 1896 as one of the very first industrial companies solely focused on the development and production of scientifically proven pharmaceuticals. After setting up a small factory in Basel, Switzerland, Fritz Hoffman-La Roche, the founder, immediately started…

  • Audio contentTNA(PRO)ADM101-123-2-MILITARY-NAVAL-ADMIRAL-NELSON-(Progress-report-on-Nelson-following-arm-amputation-by-surgeon-James-Farquhar-on-board-HMS-Theseus-1797)

    Journeys of discovery: surgeons at sea

    Professor Laurence Brockliss, from the University of Oxford, discusses how ADM 101 has been used by his team over the past ten years, and considers how the newly digitised files will aid their future research. This talk was recorded as…

  • Audio contentADM101-7-8-Barrosa-convict-ship,-illustrations-of-the-effects-of-scurvy,-by-Dr-Mahon,-1841-1842-p2-of-3

    Naval medical officers’ journals and the history of medicine

    The naval medical officers’ journals of ADM 101 provide a coherent view of the beliefs and practices of a body of rank and file medical practitioners during the late 18th and 19th centuries. They provide a valuable source for examining…

  • Audio contentCOPY1-129-(125)-'Going-shopping',-George-Goodwin-Kilburne,-1896

    Madame Rachel of Bond Street

    Author Helen Rappaport discusses the subject of her newest book, Beautiful For Ever: Madame Rachel of Bond Street – Cosmetician, Con-Artist and Blackmailer. In the talk, Helen reveals Madame Rachel’s startling career path – from fish fryer in Clare Market…

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