• Audio contentwo-98-8-119-naik-darwan-singh-negi-crop

    For king and another country: Indian soldiers on the Western Front

    Over a million Indian soldiers fought in the First World War, many travelling from remote villages in India to the muddy trenches of France and Flanders. In her book For King and Another Country, writer and journalist, Shrabani Basu, delves […]

  • Audio contentSikh sepoys, non-commissioned and Indian Officers in uniform and mufti (catalogue reference CN 4/8)

    One in six: the South Asian contribution to the First World War

    One hundred years ago, undivided India provided Britain with a massive volunteer army in its hour of need. From 1914-1918 close to 1.5 million Indians served, fighting in all the major theatres of war, from Flanders’ fields in Belgium to […]

  • Audio contentSikh sepoys, non-commissioned and Indian Officers in uniform and mufti (catalogue reference CN 4/8)

    India in the First World War

    The National Archives’ principal military specialist William Spencer is joined by Brigadier Brian McCall, defence advisor in the British High Commission in New Delhi, Squadron Leader Rana Chhina, with the United Service Institution of India in New Delhi, Dr Santanu […]

  • Audio contentdiversity-duldeep-singh

    Sovereign, squire and rebel: Maharajah Duleep Singh and the heirs of a lost kingdom

    At the age of five years, Duleep Singh found himself on the golden throne of the Punjab, one of the most powerful independent kingdoms in India and a thorn in the advancement of the British Empire. After the Sikh Wars […]

  • Audio contentINF14-435-Bengali-woman-fetching-water-from-well-in-earthenware-pots,-1944

    Hidden Women: uncovering the veil of silence during the partition of Punjab, India 1947

    Dr Pippa Virdee of De Montfort University uncovers the hidden voices of Muslim women during the partition of the Punjab, India in 1947. Using first-hand accounts, Dr Virdee reveals how women, often sheltered from private and public spaces, created their […]

  • Audio contentfirstAfgan

    The first Afghan war

    In this talk, journalist and historian Jules Stewart will guide us through the 1838-1842 period of Afghan history. Just some of the events explored include the Persian siege of Herat with Russian assistance, which Britain feared would lead to an […]

  • Audio contenttnaprocopy1-8-places-india-indian-mutiny-presdiency-palace-ruins-1864

    Sahib, the British soldier in India, 1750 – 1914

    Well-known military historian Professor Richard Holmes examines Indian soldiering in peace and war.  He addresses the experience of ordinary soldiers, why they joined up, how they got to India and what they made of it when they arrived.

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