• Audio contentHO 287/1496 (35)

    Public Cooperation with the Household Expenditure Enquiry, 1953-1954

    The Household Expenditure Enquiry of 1953-54 was the first large-scale enquiry into household expenditure and income in the United Kingdom since the Family Budget Enquiry of 1937-1938. It was intended to cover 20,000 households and the Ministry of Labour and […]

  • Audio contentImperial Calendar

    Hidden treasures? Uncovering maps among the files of government

    The National Archives holds over six million maps and plans and the majority are among files, boxes, volumes and rolls. Andrew Janes explores the variety of these ‘hidden’ maps and examines some interesting examples from a range of government departments. […]

  • Audio contentthe-day-parliament-burned-down

    The day parliament burned down

    In the early evening of 16 October 1834, to the horror of bystanders, a huge ball of fire exploded through the roof of the Houses of Parliament, creating a blaze so enormous that it could be seen by the King […]

  • Audio contentCabinet Office file (catalogue reference: CAB 129/216a)

    New files from 1983

    Contemporary records specialists Mark Dunton and Simon Demissie discuss highlights from the latest batch of government files released to The National Archives. Rounding off Mrs Thatcher’s first term in office, 1983 was another pivotal year in British politics. The Falklands […]

  • Audio contentLondon Corresponding Society handbill, 1793 (Catalogue ref: TS 24/3/34)

    Sedition, transportation and treason: the case of the London Corresponding Society

    How did a small group of men discussing democracy in the coffee houses of London of 1792 lead to one of the most sensational treason trials of the eighteenth century? Using newly catalogued Home Office correspondence Chris Barnes explores just […]

  • Video contentGovernment SIRO Briefing on Social Media

    Government SIRO Briefing on Social Media

    Lord Richard Allan, Facebook Director of Policy EMEA presenting at The National Archives Government Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) Briefing on 17 May 2012. Facebook alone has more than 800 million users, Twitter 300 million and LinkedIn 116 million and […]

  • Audio contentdiversity-duldeep-singh

    Sovereign, squire and rebel: Maharajah Duleep Singh and the heirs of a lost kingdom

    At the age of five years, Duleep Singh found himself on the golden throne of the Punjab, one of the most powerful independent kingdoms in India and a thorn in the advancement of the British Empire. After the Sikh Wars […]

  • Audio contentprem19-418 (1)

    New files from 1981

    An overview of newly-released government files from 1981 including discussion of the major stories of the year. From urban riots and IRA hunger strikes to splits in Cabinet over economic policy, 1981 was an extremely challenging year for Mrs Thatcher’s […]

  • Audio contentRG27-8 Census 1911(Red Schedule front)

    Behind the scenes: two centuries of census-taking

    The census has been described as a ‘snapshot in time’, recording the nation as it stands at midnight on one Sunday every ten years. But the preparation for each census started years before each census date, and the collating and […]

  • Audio contentPRO30-69-1668-(Pt.4-no.318)-The-First-Labour-Cabinet,-1924

    The Cabinet Papers 1915-1979

    Mark Dunton, The National Archives’ contemporary records specialist, explains how anyone with an interest in modern history can get the best out of the Cabinet Papers online resource. This provides access to historical records of the key episodes in 20th century […]

  • Audio contentChancery Lane Round Room

    A history of the Public Record Office

    Vanessa Carr takes us through a brief history of the Public Record Office, looking at public records from 1086 to 2003.

  • Video contentdefe-24-1966-1

    UFO file release February 2010

    Dr David Clarke, an expert in UFO history, guides us through the highlights of the UFO files at The National Archives, released in February 2010

  • Video contentTheLongestDay

    The Longest Day

    This videocast is part of the War on Film series, created by The National Archives to mark the 70th anniversary of the Second World War. The series recounts the events that went on to inspire popular war films, using extracts […]

  • Video contentTNA(PRO)WO106-5921-WORLD-WAR-II-DECEPTION-(Operation-MINCEMEAT.ID-Card-of-Major-Martin-RM

    The Man Who Never Was

    ‘The Man Who Never Was’ tells the fascinating tale of Operation Mincemeat. This elaborate deception aimed to make the Axis powers believe that the Allies would attempt to enter Europe through Greece and Sardinia, rather than the actual target of […]

  • Audio contentprem-16-1516-cabinet-papers-incr-tv-licence

    New files From 1978

    Contemporary historian Mark Dunton discusses the release of high-profile records from 1978, which provide fascinating insight into the thinking of key government figures in the run-up to the Winter of Discontent.

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