• Audio contentA pedigree sketched in a court case (catalogue reference KB 27/224)

    Webinar: An introduction to medieval and early modern sources for family historians

    Medieval and early modern records can be very informative, although they are often harder to locate than those for more recent periods. This webinar provides an overview of sources in The National Archives and elsewhere. Nick Barratt is head of…

  • Audio contentFour generations of the Page family (Southampton)

    News from FamilySearch

    Sharon Hintze brings you up to date with the latest developments (2014) on FamilySearch, the world’s largest genealogical organisation. It is rapidly evolving, with new features and collections, and partnerships with commercial organisations arising almost weekly. Sharon is Director of…

  • Audio contentINF 3/1142

    Scandals in the family

    This talk explores the deeds and misdeeds of one family, using documents in The National Archives and elsewhere. The tale involves deception, divorce, and the deliberate destruction of official records. Although the main narrative concerns one man, Captain George Boynton,…

  • Audio contentimmigrant-ancestors-project

    Immigrant Ancestors Project: indexed collections from The National Archives

    Family history majors at Brigham Young University intern at various repositories of European countries and obtain copies of emigration registers, passport applications, and other records that contain hometown information for each emigrant. These records are indexed in the Immigrant Ancestors…

  • Audio contentSharon Tomlin, genealogist

    Fundamentals of researching your Caribbean ancestors

    Caribbean genealogist and family historian  Sharon Tomlin discusses the basics in researching Caribbean ancestry, in particular at the records of people that have moved away from their original Caribbean homeland and settled in countries including the United Kingdom, United States…

  • Audio contentZSPC-11-5-12-1965-1965

    At the Instigation of the Devil: suicide and its records

    Even today suicide is surrounded by guilt and silence. How did our ancestors regard it and what records will help us discover more? Dr Kathy Chater has been tracing her own family history for over 30 years. She has taught…

  • Audio contentScience Exhibition, Chromosomes (catalogue reference: WORK 25/214/1951)

    DNA, family history and the population of the British Isles

    Drs Swann and Gleeson cover aspects of DNA testing for family history researchers, with a focus on recent advances. DNA can augment conventional family history and genetic family history will be of increasing importance to medical history. Swann and Gleeson…

  • Audio contentwork25-213-tracing-a-living-person

    Brick walls and lost ancestors

    Even the luckiest of family historians will come up against brick walls from time to time. Dave Annal shows that everyone left a paper trail and that it’s almost always possible to find it. He introduces a number of strategies…

  • Audio contentPhotograph:Battle between the frigates HMS Shannon and USS Chesapeake off Boston during the War of 1812; detail of a lithograph by J.C. Schetky.

    The War of 1812: from the British side

    The War of 1812 features prominently in the history of the United States, especially in this bi-centenary year. But it is much less well-known in the UK, overshadowed by events closer to home. In the US, the Federation of Genealogical…

  • Audio contentLondon District Messenger Boy 1944, cat. ref. INF2/43

    Lost in London

    Tracing ancestors before civil registration and the census presents a real challenge to family historians. In London, the problems can be even greater, where the population doubled between 1801 and 1841 and boundaries were often redrawn. Administering the area was…

  • Audio contentFlag for the Governor General of Canada, 1870, cat. ref. CO 325/54

    Finding your family in Canada

    Researching in Canada is vastly different than researching in the UK. Records are especially different in areas originally settled by the French. This talk gives an overview of record keeping in Canada, how the records are organised, and where to…

  • Audio contentServer room

    How a chisel, a mule, a shipping container and a cloud contribute to family history

    A thought-provoking journey through thousands of years of development of family history record keeping and record preservation. Not all technology over the millennia has changed and, surprisingly, the future is not entirely digital. You’ll see your own family history research…

  • Audio contentCensus 1911 (Red Schedule front), cat. ref. RG 27/8

    Preparing the 1911 census for digitisation

    The National Archives held a one day conference at Kew on Saturday 1 October 2011. The conference brought together an audience wanting to know more about the census, from genealogists to local and social historians. The conference looked at all…

  • Audio contentHong Kong colonial cemetery, Image courtesy of Christine Thomas

    The Hong Kong colonial cemetery

    The National Archives provides a treasure trove of material for discovering more about our colonial ancestors. This talk focuses on the former British Colony of Hong Kong – a thriving trading centre and home to merchants, the military and members…

  • Audio contentGroup of men on beach with curling stones

    Inheritance in Scotland – testaments and retours

    Scottish testaments, loosely called ‘wills’, can be disappointing for genealogists because they often contain very few names, and no details of land and property. This is a consequence of the Scottish system of inheritance up to 1868. However, such details…

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