focus on film: cold war

  • Video contentThe H Bomb

    The H Bomb

    The film opens with images and description of the terrible power of the H Bomb. Animated graphics are used to explain the impact of an atomic bomb on a city. The various hazards of flash, blast and fallout are all…

  • Video contentKrimskaya Konferentsia (main) Yalta Conference (alternative)

    Krimskaya Konferentsia (main) Yalta Conference (alternative) 2

    The clip opens with the arrival of Stalin to triumphal music. The leaders sit down at the table and the Soviet voice over starts. Context Towards the end of the war, the leaders of the Big Three powers Churchill (Britain),…

  • Video contentKrimskaya Konferentsia (main) Yalta Conference (alternative)

    Krimskaya Konferentsia (main) Yalta Conference (alternative)

    The clip opens with triumphal music and scenes of the flags of the Big Three fluttering in the wind. The Russian commentary then starts over scenes of Soviet sailors guarding the arrival of the leaders in cars. Context Towards the…

  • Video contentberlin

    In The Shadow Of The Wall: The Meaning of Berlin Today

    The film opens with an image of a refugee dying beside a wall. The place is Berlin in 1962. Various shots of the wall and its defences follow. The film shows people attempting to cross to West Berlin after the…

  • Video contentWar Pictorial News No: 243

    War Pictorial News No.243

    This is a newsreel clip aimed at French and British audiences. The British voice over explains what is happening. The Foreign Secretary, Anthony Eden is shown being greeted by top Soviet officials. Red Army guards and bands play national anthems.…

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