focus on film: cold war

  • Video contentA border crossing between Hungary and Austria 1956

    A border crossing between Hungary and Austria 1956

    In the clip we see a small border checkpoint. Gradually more and more refuges come across the border with minimal checks. Some come as they are, others are laden with bags or drive carts. The scene then shifts to a…

  • Video contentHungary 1956

    Hungary 1956

    In the film we see Soviet tanks and troops in the streets of Budapest, Hungary’s capital. Small groups of people stand around looking. A column of tanks and trucks is then filmed from a car travelling in the opposite direction.…

  • Video contentThe Prague Spring 1968

    The Prague Spring 1968

    The film opens with printing presses turning out the first uncensored newspapers for 20 years. People are shown reading them enthusiastically. We then see shots of central Prague as the commentary tells us that the people want more reform than…

  • Video contentKorean War 2 (Korean)

    Korean War 2 (Korean)

    Film starts with scenes of aircraft bombing a town. It then becomes clear that these are U.S. aircraft doing the bombing. The town is in fact Pyongyang, the North Korean capital. The commentary is in Korean but it is not…

  • Video contentThe Peace Game

    The Peace Game

    The film opens with a nuclear explosion and then explains that although the West wanted to get rid of nuclear weapons after 1945 they were unable to do so. We are told that an offer was made to the USSR…

  • Video contentOperation Twinkletoes, Vietnam 1969

    Operation Twinkletoes, Vietnam 1969

    The film starts with US helicopters preparing the mission and scouting ahead. We then see US tanks and troop carriers heading off on patrol. There is then a break and we move to a scene in which dead Viet Cong…

  • Video contentBritish news report on protests at Berkeley 1967

    British news report on protests at Berkeley 1967

    The clip opens with a student rally in the main sports stadium of the university. We see a range of banners and protesters. The voice over outlines the reasons for discontent with US policy and why students dislike California governor…

  • Video contentSouth Vietnamese uprising 1965

    South Vietnamese uprising 1965

    The clip starts with an impressive street protest with banners and hundreds, possibly thousands, of young people taking part. They are mostly young students. South Vietnamese troops and police face them. We see further shots of the protesters in very…

  • Video contentBritish news film showing US marines landing at Da Nang 1965

    British news film showing US marines landing at Da Nang 1965

    This is an impressive display of US military might. Landing craft take marines to the beach who then storm ashore. Context Since the 19th century France had ruled Vietnam. During the Second World War Japan had taken over Vietnam. At…

  • Video contentKorean War 1 (French)

    Korean War 1 (French)

    The film is a round up for French audiences of events in the Korean War late in 1950. We see US tanks moving through a devastated town and then troops in action. The scene then shifts to show thousands of…

  • Video contentThe Berlin Air Lift: the story of a great achievement.

    The Berlin Air Lift: the story of a great achievement.

    Opening titles and voice over tell us we are about to see a film about the airlift – a great achievement. We see goods being loaded up and then aircraft taking off with supplies for Berlin. Context In 1945 the…

  • Video contentWarwork News No.79

    Warwork News No.79

    This clip opens with a view from a moving vehicle entering the gates of the house where the conference is being held. Newspaper correspondents are complaining that little news is getting out. The scene then shifts to the meeting table…

  • Video contentSupplies to the Soviets

    Supplies to the Soviets

    Clip opens with trucks and heavy machinery being loaded on to ships to go to Russia. The commentary stresses that this cooperation will continue after the war and there is already a contract to supply mobile power plants. The camera…

  • Video contentWar Pictorial News No.200

    War Pictorial News No.200

    The cheery British voice over tells us of the arrival of various British military and diplomatic officials, hinting at the huge amount of work they have to get through. We then see Churchill arriving, followed by Roosevelt. The leaders then…

  • Video contentThe three powers meeting, Germany’s fate decided at Crimea Conference

    The three powers meeting, Germany’s fate decided at Crimea Conference

    This short sequence is essentially a photo opportunity for the leaders at the Yalta Conference. The three leaders enter the courtyard and sit down together. It seems there is much cheerful chat between them. Roosevelt’s ill health is clearly evident.…

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