• Video contentTNA(PRO)HO338-27-WORLD-WAR-II-BLITZ(Bomb-damaged-building-London)

    Hope and Glory

    ‘Hope and Glory’ tells the story of a young boy growing up in London during the Second World War. The film explores two themes that greatly affected the Home Front during the war, the Blitz and evacuation. This videocast is…

  • Video contentWestward Ho!

    Westward Ho!

    This film has a soundtrack that describes the arrival of the evacuees at their destination and the preparations that have been made to receive them. There is a delightfully posh voice over from one child taken away in a very…

  • Video contentEvacuation of children

    Evacuation of Children

    These scenes show the evacuation of children from one of the big cities, probably London, to more rural areas at the start of the war. The first scene shows children about to board the train, the second shows children on…

  • Video contentHeart of Britain

    Heart of Britain

    This film shows scenes of devastation after a bombing raid on a British city, probably London in 1941. Dramatic music composed by Beethoven provides the sound track for these scenes of destruction. Context The British government assumed that British cities…

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