Our educational podcasts and videos feature a mix of lectures from top academics specifically aimed at pupils, alongside radio-style investigations of historical topics using primary documents from The National Archives read by actors.

  • Video contentBritish Pathe: Hastings rocks mods, 1964

    Hastings Rocks The Mods

    Each month the Education team’s ‘Take one film’ series highlights a Pathé film relating to current events, anniversaries, key topics that you may be covering in the classroom or just something interesting that we’ve found. This month we’ve chosen this […]

  • Audio contentLondon Corresponding Society handbill, 1793 (Catalogue ref: TS 24/3/34)

    Sedition, transportation and treason: the case of the London Corresponding Society

    How did a small group of men discussing democracy in the coffee houses of London of 1792 lead to one of the most sensational treason trials of the eighteenth century? Using newly catalogued Home Office correspondence Chris Barnes explores just […]

  • Video contentSessions for Schools: Noor Khan as a wireless operator

    Sessions for Schools: Noor Khan as a wireless operator

    Noor Khan (played by actor Chandrika Chevli) talks about her experience as a wireless operator. This clip is available to students in preparation for a Key Stage 2 videoconference ‘Noor Khan: Behind Enemy Lines’

  • Video contentSessions for Schools: The case for the Trade

    Sessions for Schools: The case for the Trade

    An 18th century slave trader (played by actor Andrew Ashmore) puts the case against the growing abolition movement to end the transatlantic slave trade. It is part of the preparation for students participating in “This Evil Trade: Olaudah Equiano and […]

  • Audio contentcopy1-555-f200-elementary-art-class-at-lcc-school-southampton-row-london-1911

    Education in 1911

    What was education like for the majority of children in 1911, the year when pupils staged strikes in 62 schools? Ann Morton offers a fascinating glimpse of day-to-day life in an Edwardian school, covering such aspects as lessons, discipline, and […]

  • Audio contentcat. ref. FO 371/81093

    The Truth is in Here: UFOs at The National Archives

    From ghost rockets in Scandinavia to mysterious spheres tracked over Eritrea, the Past Masters team look at the records of Unidentified Flying Objects held at The National Archives and ask, is the truth in here? The Ministry of Defence is […]

  • Audio contentsp-34-30-f141-w-grahams-challenge

    How to win a duel

    A fight, possibly to the death, over a matter of honour this month. No, we’re not just arguing amongst ourselves, the Past Masters team are talking about duelling. Formal duelling evolved from medieval sword fights into pistols at dawn before […]

  • Audio contente39-1-138-artifact-coin-die-henry-vpennies-obverse-die-c-1420

    Two Crowns, One King: Henry V and the Treaty of Troyes

    The Past Masters team join Henry V in the battle for France. Henry fought the Hundred Years War on two fronts – military and diplomatic – but was the signing of the Treaty of Troyes in 1420 his greatest victory […]

  • Audio contentcopy1-56-768-charles-darwin-1879

    Darwin’s voyage: HMS Beagle 1831-1836

    In 1831, in his twenties and fresh out of university, Charles Darwin set sail aboard HMS Beagle on the expedition of a lifetime, into literally uncharted waters and a series of discoveries that would form the basis of his later […]

  • Audio contentair27-1568-u-570-first-u-boat-captured-by-the-british-in-wwii-is-evacuated-by-its-crew-south-of-iceland-27-august-1941

    The battle that frightened Churchill: the war in the Atlantic

    On 3 September 1939, the passenger liner Athenia was sunk by U30. So began the Battle of the Atlantic, the longest and most complex campaign of the Second World War. The battle pitted the submariners of the Kriegsmarine against the […]

  • Audio contentcopy1-420-f185-wormwood-scrubs-prison-interior-1895

    Prison: five hundred years behind bars

    Edward Marston looks at the changing nature of imprisonment over the centuries and the experiences of those who endured it, charting the growth of the national prison system in England and Wales from castle dungeons to purpose-built concrete gaols. Warning: […]

  • Video contentcopy1-541-charles-dickens-1910

    The real Little Dorrit: Charles Dickens and the debtors’ prison – British Sign Language video

    David Thomas examines the reality behind Charles Dickens’ fiction – what were Victorian debtors’ prisons really like and how accurate was Dickens’ portrayal of them?

  • Audio contentcopy1-541-charles-dickens-1910

    The real Little Dorrit: Charles Dickens and the debtors’ prison

    David Thomas examines the reality behind Charles Dickens’ fiction – what were Victorian debtors’ prisons really like and how accurate was Dickens’ portrayal of them?

  • Audio contentho44-27-part-2-1-anti-poor-law-poster-c1834

    Radicalism and unrest

    From the early trade unions of the 18th century, through to the Luddites and Chartists of the 19th century, there was a profound desire to protect or improve living standards. This talk looks at what ordinary people really thought about […]

  • Audio contentc81-1352-59-detail-signature-of-richard-ii-26-july-1386

    Was Richard II mad?

    Terry Jones, ‘Python’, historian, broadcaster, actor, director and comedian, has called King Richard II a ‘victim of spin’. Here he sets out to rescue his reputation and lift the lid on the turbulent world of 14th century politics. Terry Jones […]

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