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  • Audio content"Berlin leaving". Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

    Writer of the month: Stories from behind the Berlin Wall

    Hester Vaizey discusses her latest book, Born in the GDR: Living in the Shadow of the Wall, which reveals the everyday lives of citizens of the former German Democratic Republic The National Archives is again hosting a series of monthly…

  • Audio contentCabinet Office file (catalogue reference: CAB 129/216a)

    New files from 1983

    Contemporary records specialists Mark Dunton and Simon Demissie discuss highlights from the latest batch of government files released to The National Archives. Rounding off Mrs Thatcher’s first term in office, 1983 was another pivotal year in British politics. The Falklands…

  • Audio contentinf-13-19-2-army-recruitment-1975

    Join up and see the world! British military recruitment after national service

    In the First and Second World Wars, men had come forward to join the colours willingly, or had been compelled by conscription. But after the end of National Service, and the demobilisation of the last conscripts in 1963, Britain’s military…

  • Audio contentBritish Guiana. Kaieteur Falls (catalogue reference: CO 1069/359/48)

    The subversion of Cheddi Jagan: the Cold War in British Guiana, 1953-64

    The talk explores the role of ethnic (Indian, African, Portuguese), ideological and religious factors in the shaping of the anti-communist crusade in the colony. It also looks at the role of the British and Americans in subverting Jagan, in the context…

  • Audio contentAccess between east and west Berlin, 1962, cat. ref. FO 371/163600

    The Berlin Wall 1961: the construction 50 years on

    This talk covers the circumstances which brought about the construction of the wall, what it meant for Germany and the crisis it precipitated in the context of the Cold War. Whilst focusing on 1961, it also covers the period 1945-61…

  • Audio contentTNA(PRO)HO338-57pp21 COLD WAR NUCLEAR ATTACK (Home Office manual on protection against nulcear attack

    Catch-up history and the Cold War

    Professor Peter Hennessy, Attlee Professor of Contemporary British History, Queen Mary, London University, and author of The Secret State, examines the ‘particles and patterns of the past’ to peer into the part of the post-war British state kept under wraps…

  • Video contentA border crossing between Hungary and Austria 1956

    A border crossing between Hungary and Austria 1956

    In the clip we see a small border checkpoint. Gradually more and more refuges come across the border with minimal checks. Some come as they are, others are laden with bags or drive carts. The scene then shifts to a…

  • Video contentHungary 1956

    Hungary 1956

    In the film we see Soviet tanks and troops in the streets of Budapest, Hungary’s capital. Small groups of people stand around looking. A column of tanks and trucks is then filmed from a car travelling in the opposite direction.…

  • Video contentThe Prague Spring 1968

    The Prague Spring 1968

    The film opens with printing presses turning out the first uncensored newspapers for 20 years. People are shown reading them enthusiastically. We then see shots of central Prague as the commentary tells us that the people want more reform than…

  • Video contentKorean War 2 (Korean)

    Korean War 2 (Korean)

    Film starts with scenes of aircraft bombing a town. It then becomes clear that these are U.S. aircraft doing the bombing. The town is in fact Pyongyang, the North Korean capital. The commentary is in Korean but it is not…

  • Video contentThe Peace Game

    The Peace Game

    The film opens with a nuclear explosion and then explains that although the West wanted to get rid of nuclear weapons after 1945 they were unable to do so. We are told that an offer was made to the USSR…

  • Video contentOperation Twinkletoes, Vietnam 1969

    Operation Twinkletoes, Vietnam 1969

    The film starts with US helicopters preparing the mission and scouting ahead. We then see US tanks and troop carriers heading off on patrol. There is then a break and we move to a scene in which dead Viet Cong…

  • Video contentBritish news report on protests at Berkeley 1967

    British news report on protests at Berkeley 1967

    The clip opens with a student rally in the main sports stadium of the university. We see a range of banners and protesters. The voice over outlines the reasons for discontent with US policy and why students dislike California governor…

  • Video contentSouth Vietnamese uprising 1965

    South Vietnamese uprising 1965

    The clip starts with an impressive street protest with banners and hundreds, possibly thousands, of young people taking part. They are mostly young students. South Vietnamese troops and police face them. We see further shots of the protesters in very…

  • Video contentBritish news film showing US marines landing at Da Nang 1965

    British news film showing US marines landing at Da Nang 1965

    This is an impressive display of US military might. Landing craft take marines to the beach who then storm ashore. Context Since the 19th century France had ruled Vietnam. During the Second World War Japan had taken over Vietnam. At…

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