• Audio contentKarl Marx request for naturalization, notification of refusal (catalogue reference HO 45/9366/36228)

    British nationality: subject or citizen?

    Mark Pearsall looks at the status of immigrants and the concept of nationality over the last 500 years. This talk covers alienage, denization, naturalisation and registration of citizenship and the records of these statuses that survive. This talk also clarifies […]

  • Audio contenttnaprobt26-1237-transport-immigration-ships-inward-passenger-lists-port-of-london-mv-empire-windrush-21-june-1948

    New Britons – Immigration to the United Kingdom

    Mark Peasall looks at immigration into Britain from the 16th to the 20th century and the relatively few sources that can be used to trace immigrants entering, and living, in this country. Records discussed can provide vital clues to the […]

  • Audio contentMEPO35-20 Felix Haim

    Modern sources for immigration – part 1

    Part one of an in-depth look at key immigration sources at The National Archives from inwards passenger lists and certificates of arrival to alien registration cards, records of internment, and citizenship papers.

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