Published date: 3 January 2018

The National Archives education team’s film of the month highlights a Pathé film relating to current events, anniversaries or key topics that you may be covering in the classroom.

This month’s clip from 3 May 1945 shows the clean-up operation faced by Britain following the Second World War. The footage shows some of the heavy artillery used during the war, and the result of bombs hitting London in January 1945.

With this film, students could consider:

  • Who made this video clip and why?
  • VE day was celebrated on 8 May 1945, what does this clip show us about the end of the War in Britain?
  • How would the British public have received footage like this shortly before VE day?
  • What do the bombsites shown in the clip tell us about wartime in Britain?

This film clip can be used in conjunction with our lessons, workshops and games based on the Second World War.

Author: The National Archives

Duration: 00:01:09

Release date: Not available

Producer: Pathe

Source: Pathe

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