Published date: 13 May 2011

Scottish testaments, loosely called ‘wills’, can be disappointing for genealogists because they often contain very few names, and no details of land and property. This is a consequence of the Scottish system of inheritance up to 1868. However, such details are often discovered in retours of services of heirs (usually in Latin), sasines, and in trust dispositions and settlements. In this talk, Dr Bruce Durie conducts a guided tour around these document classes, with ‘live’ online searches.

Author: Dr Bruce Durie Duration: 48:06

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  1. 28 May 2012
    5:21 pm

    Elizabeth Magoon

    Cannot hear his words because the background noise (music) is too loud.

  2. 29 May 2012
    8:28 am

    Ruth Ford (admin)

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Please can you clarify – do you mean the music that plays behind the introduction?
    Thanks very much,

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