• Audio contentReverse side of the Great Seal of John.1202. Catalogue reference: DL10-56.

    The life and death of King John

    King John’s acts of misgovernment prompted his barons to demand reform, setting the kingdom on the road to civil war and leading to John’s grant of Magna Carta. Why was he seen as such a terrible king and how did […]

  • Audio contentA sketch of a medieval scene by Jack Matthew. Catalogue reference: INF3-691

    The Battle of Agincourt

    In 1415, King Henry V led an army to victory on the field of Agincourt. In this talk, which commemorated the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, Professor Anne Curry discusses the events leading up to the conquest, and the […]

  • Audio contentThe Battle of the Atlantic by Jonathan Dimbleby.

    Jonathan Dimbleby on ‘The Battle of the Atlantic: How the Allies Won the War’

    In this talk, broadcaster and acclaimed author Jonathan Dimbleby shows how Britain’s success in the Battle of the Atlantic led to the allied victory in 1945. Through extraordinary personal diaries and letters written by both sailors and politicians, he will […]

  • Audio contentA data map showing the connections between different sets of records held at The National Archives.

    Traces through Time: a new tool for finding linked records across our collections

    This talk introduces ‘Traces through Time’, a project by The National Archives which combines historical data sets and the latest technology to help researchers find linked records across our collections. Starting with service records from the First World War, the […]

  • Audio contentA Brazilian ID card for Juan Pujol-Garcia, codename Garbo. Catalogue reference KV 2-4214

    Security Service file release September 2016

    Professor Christopher Andrew, formerly official historian of MI5 and author of ‘The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5′, introduces key files from the release of Security Service files to The National Archives in September 2016.

  • Audio contentA photograph of a blind man taken in Bournemouth in 1895. Catalogue reference: COPY1-420

    Blindness in Victorian Britain

    This talk traces how blind and visually-impaired people in the Victorian era became increasingly vocal in seeking control and ownership over the social and political issues that directly affected them, and introduces some of the era’s most prominent and influential […]

  • Audio contentA cardboard model of London Bridge from 1911. Catalogue reference: COPY1-357-152

    A tourist’s guide to Shakespeare’s London

    Discover what it was like to wander the streets of Shakespeare’s London. Though large portions of the city from Shakespeare’s time have since been destroyed by fire, war and developers, a surprising number of buildings and places still survive. Author David Thomas […]

  • Audio contentA depiction of medical work during the war in the Far East by the artist Gordon Nicoll. Catalogue reference: INF3-1475-(C)

    Prisoners of war in the Far East

    Prisoners of war in the Far East experienced some of the most horrifying and traumatic conditions of the Second World War. But what of the experiences of family members and loved ones left at home during this time? In this […]

  • Audio contentAn illustration for the magazine 'Ditty Box' which depicts a medieval scene of traders on the beach. By the artist Jack Matthew. Catalogue reference: INF3/688

    England’s Immigrants between 1330 and 1550

    This talk explores a new research database which provides an insight into immigration in England in the late medieval period. The database holds around 65,000 names of immigrants who were living in England between 1330 and 1550. Dr Jonathan Mackman […]

  • Audio contentA photograph of an anti-Hanoverian Jacobite poem. 12 March 1717. Catalogue reference: SP42-16-(30)

    Simply a Jacobite woman? The life experience of Lady Nairne

    Lady Nairne was a noted Jacobite who played an important part in rousing support for the risings of both 1715 and 1745. This talk draws upon letters and papers to examine the experiences of Lady Nairne and other Jacobite women […]

  • Audio contentInventions and suggestions for artificial limbs.1916-1917. Catalogue reference: MUN7-285 (2).

    Worn out by war: Disabled soldiers and their pensions

    How can military records help us to reconstruct and understand the lives of disabled people and their families in the 18th and 19th centuries? This talk will explore how the pension records of the Royal Hospital of Chelsea (home of […]

  • Audio contentClementine Churchill inspects members of the ATS at the Royal Artillery Experimental Unit © IWM (TR 680)

    First Lady: The Life and Wars of Clementine Churchill

    Sonia Purnell presents the inspiring but often ignored story of one of the most important women in modern history – the original ‘First Lady’. Discover the fascinating story of her influence on Britain’s wartime leader, through the Churchills’ ‘wilderness years’ […]

  • Audio contentObverse of Great Seal of Richard III. 1485. Catalogue reference: DL10-392

    Writer of the month: Mike Pitts on ‘Digging for Richard III: How Archaeology Found the King’

    To accompany the publication of his book ‘Digging for Richard III: How Archaeology Found the King’, Mike Pitts discusses the achievements, disputes and controversies surrounding the discovery of Richard III’s skeleton. Mike Pitts is an archaeologist and award–winning journalist and […]

  • Audio contentHouses of Parliament from Lambeth bridge.1899. Catalogue reference: COPY1-442(ii)

    Big Data and the gendering of Parliamentary language

    Luke Blaxill discusses the ways in which Big Data techniques can introduce quantification into long-standing historical debates. His example is the case of female MPs in the House of Commons. How is the language they use different to that of […]

  • Audio contentLocation of the theft of the Jules Rimet Trophy (the World Cup), from Central Hall, Westminster. 1966. Catalogue reference: DPP2-4167

    England ’66: The best of times?

    It was a year when England won the World Cup and led the world in all aspects of popular culture, including pop music, fashion, and film. But it was also a time of sterling crises, wage and price freezes, and industrial strife. Contemporary specialist Mark Dunton looks […]

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