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Researchers and historians from The National Archives and elsewhere offer expert guidance on researching family history and unlocking the multitude of sources available.

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    Webinar: Missing from the census?

    Census records are invaluable sources of information for all family historians. But what if you can’t find your ancestor on the census? This webinar will look at useful search tips that will help you to locate hard-to-find people, as well…

  • Video contentA screenshot of the Discovery catalogue.

    Webinar: Using Discovery for family history

    The Discovery webinar was delivered on 30 September 2016 by Audrey Collins. Audrey is a records specialist on family history records. She delivers conferences on TNA’s family history record collection around the world and has delivered this talk on many…

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    Webinar: Using the 1939 Register, recording the UK population before the war

    The preparations had been made well in advance. Now Britain was at war, and as the uniformed army prepared to face the enemy, a civilian army was mobilised at home. National Registration Officers, registrars, and 65,000 enumerators set about the…

  • Audio contentHearth tax return, including Thomas Farrinor of Pudding Lane (Great Fire of London) 1666., cat. ref. E179-252-32-4

    Hearth Tax: an introduction

    The hearth tax was levied on householders in England and Wales between 1662 and 1689. Records of the assessments, returns and exemptions are a fruitful source for family, local and social historians, as they provide a remarkable insight into wealth,…

  • Video contentmpf1-74-ireland-munster--c1580

    Irish land records – British Sign Language video

    With the loss of the 19th century census returns for Ireland, Sharon Hintze guides us through the alternative sources for family historians researching their Irish ancestors.

  • Video contentinf3-184-world-war-ii-poster---fuel-saving---don't-waste-coal---1000-bomber-raid

    Civil registration and beyond – British Sign Language Video

    The National Archives’ Audrey Collins takes civil registration as her topic and reveals some of the little-known facts and stories behind the records.

  • Video contentlr3-101-6m1-court-rolls-and-other-manorial-documents-from-crown-manors-richmond-1-30-eliz-i

    The Manorial Documents Register – British Sign Language Video

    Liz Hart, from the National Advisory Service, provides an introduction to the various types of manorial records and offers a practical guide to using the Manorial Documents Register.

  • Video contenttnaprorg27-8-census-1911red-schedule-front

    Introducing the 1911 census – British Sign Language Video

    Mark Pearsall is a family history specialist at The National Archives. Here he provides an introduction to the newly released 1911 census and tells us how invaluable it will be for family historians.

  • Video contentdo131-47-children's-overseas-reception-board-canada-reception-overseas-nova-scotia-1940-1945-world-war-ii-evacuation-3

    Child emigration to Canada – BSL Sign Language Video

    Find out about the British child emigration schemes from 1618 to 1967 as Roger Kershaw examines the reasons and the records behind the schemes to Canada, Australia, South Africa and beyond.

  • Video contentir30-53-70-b-lh-tregynon-parish

    The parish: administration and records – British Sign Language video

    For hundreds of years the parish was the most important unit of local government. This talk covers the historical administration of the parish, its officials and their records, as well as showing you how you can use these records to…

  • Video contentcopy1-430ii-four-generations-of-the-polkinghorne-family-1897

    Introduction to Family History – British Sign Language video

    Need advice on how to begin tracing your family’s past? Audrey Collins‘ talk is for anyone new to family history. As well as advising on good research habits, she provides an overview of the main resources available to family historians,…

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