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Sean Cunningham is the Head of MEMLEX, Maps, Plans and Photographs at The National Archives

Podcasts by Sean Cunningham

  • A podcast about medieval treason and magic

    Medieval treason and magic

    In this podcast, two of our records specialists tell us about treason and necromancy in The National Archives’ medieval records. The first part, narrated by Paul Dryburgh, tells the story of a band of men from Coventry who planned to kill King Edward II…

  • Henry-VIII-illuminated-initial

    Webinar: Henry VIII – Dynasty and power in Tudor England

    This webinar was delivered on 22 September 2016 by Dr Sean Cunningham. Sean is Head of the medieval and early modern team. His has published a number of articles on the Tudors, most recently a best-selling book on Henry’s brother,…

  • battle-of-flodden-e101-56-27

    The Battle of Flodden

    500 years ago, English and Scottish armies fought a massive battle near Flodden on the border. The Scottish king, James IV was killed along with many of his nobles. The English king, Henry VIII was fighting in France with most…

  • Debatable Land between England and Scotland, 1552, cat. ref. MPF 1/257

    England and Scotland at War, 1296-1513: sources at The National Archives

    At a time when the position of Scotland in the Union is the subject of renewed debate, this podcast reminds us of the outright hostility that underlay the relationship of England and her northern neighbour during much of the medieval…

  • Coram Rege rolls initial detail of Henry VIII, cat. ref. KB 27/1119/2

    Henry VIII: Dynasty and power in Tudor England

    Henry VIII is one of the best-known monarchs in history. By the time Henry reached his early thirties, he had realised that his search for glory would fail unless he secured the future of his dynasty. Henry VIII was 34…

  • img_0828

    Dependence, intolerance and expulsion: the story of the Jews in England, 1066-1290

    William the Conqueror invited Jews into England from Normandy around 1070, but the Jewish community of merchants and money lenders formed an uneasy relationship with the English crown and people. Medieval Jews were considered to be the king’s property, and…

  • mpc1-49-st-bride's-major--ogmore-castle-dunraven-castle-g

    Locality, land and livelihood: sources for early local history

    An introduction to medieval and early modern sources relating to English and Welsh local history. Sean Cunningham and James Ross explore the vast collection of accounts, surveys, court rolls, inquisitions, deeds and taxation records held at The National Archives.

  • facsimiles-of-irish-manuscripts-vol-iii-plate-xxxvii-exchequer-cloth--15th-century

    Closing the last day: death, memory and landholding in the Inquisitions Post-Mortem, 1216 – 1660

    Sean Cunningham tells us how the Inquisitions Post-Mortem (IPMs) or inquests taken after the death of people who were tenants of The Crown reveal a great deal about land use, local customs, and how communal memory had an important social…

  • MPG1-284 Virginia described by Captain John Smith and engrav

    The road to Jamestown – part 2

    The second part of Sean Cunningham’s talk about how and why English sailors and the English Crown turned their attention to the New World of America in the 16th century. This talk explores how piracy, greed, religion and warfare became…

  • MPG1-284 Virginia described by Captain John Smith and engrav

    The road to Jamestown – part 1

    Sean Cunningham talks about how and why English sailors and the English Crown turned their attention to the New World of America in the 16th century. This talk explores how piracy, greed, religion and warfare became the foundations of Elizabethan attempts…

  • e39-1-138-artifact-coin-die-henry-vpennies-obverse-die-c-1420

    Henry VIII: dynasty and power in Tudor England

    Sean Cunningham introduces the documents of Henry VIII’s reign, through the story of his struggles to secure personal power, to make the right marriage and to pass the crown to a male heir.

  • tnaproc65-114-monarcy-richard-iii-act-of-succession-january-1484

    ‘In deadly hate?’ Richard III and the War of the Roses

    The conflict for the crown in the 15th century has created many of English history’s most vivid characters and thanks to Shakespeare, we have one of our greatest villains in the shape of Richard III. This talk looks at the…

  • e33-1-henry-vii-coat-of-arms

    Star Chamber stories: using records of the early modern equity courts

    The National Archives holds a vast collection of Chancery Court and other equity legal records from the early modern courts of Star Chamber and Requests. In this talk Sean Cunningham introduces the records created by the courts, and offers advice…

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