Dr Kathleen Chater


Dr Kathleen Chater worked for the BBC until 1994. Later she wrote books and articles on aspects of history and media training, including Tracing Your Huguenot Ancestors and Research for Media Production.

Podcasts by Dr Kathleen Chater

  • Untold-Histories-Image

    Writer of the month: Researching untold histories

    Dr Kathleen Chater discusses her book Researching Untold Histories: Black people in England and Wales during the period of the British slave trade, c1660-1807. Kathleen worked for the BBC until 1994. One of her interests was family history so when…

  • ZSPC-11-5-12-1965-1965

    At the Instigation of the Devil: suicide and its records

    Even today suicide is surrounded by guilt and silence. How did our ancestors regard it and what records will help us discover more? Dr Kathy Chater has been tracing her own family history for over 30 years. She has taught…

  • tnaprozoer34-17-emigrationembarkation-liverpool-docks-1850

    Tracing Huguenot ancestors

    Between the 16th and 18th centuries, many thousands of refugees fled from religious persecution in the Low Countries and France. These refugees left descendants in Britain and many people have family stories of Huguenot descent. This talk will help you…

  • KB9-625 (241) Jane Shaxspere coroner’s inquest report 12 Eliz I Hil (drowned in mill pond at Upton Warren, Worcs, aged 2)

    Coroners’ Inquests

    Coroners’ inquests produce a wealth of information for family historians. Ancestors might have been involved in a number of ways, such as members of the jury or another court official or as witnesses. Inquests don’t just reveal how someone died – they…

  • hca65-22-papers-of-captain-bigaud-of-ship-ocean-incl-licence-to-import-negro-slave-boy-1736-1742-amp

    Untold histories: black Britons during the period of the British slave trade, c1660-1807

    What was life like for the ‘average’ black person in England before the 20th century? Most were quietly getting on with their lives, seeking employment, getting married and raising families. It takes a lot of work to uncover their life…

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